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Hope Soaps

Hope Soaps

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As we enter 2023 we wanted to find a way to be a asset to our local communities. We decided to create Hope Soap as a way to donating soap to our local shelters and food banks. Quarterly Oneness Essentials will take a box of as many handmade soaps as we can to a local shelter to help replenish their supplies. 

For each bar of Hope Soap that you purchase, our company will donate 2 more. (Your donation of 1 soap = 3 soaps for our local humanitarian centers). 

We will announce the recipients as we get closer each quarter! Follow our social media pages for updates! 


About our soaps:
Our handmade soaps are made with the simplest ingredients possible and have a vintage, rustic look. Each bar weighs approx. 4 ounces. They are handmade, cut and wrapped. For longevity of the bar, store in a cool place and drain properly after each use. Made in small handmade batches, the final look of each bar may vary. 

Try pairing our handmade soaps with our moisturizers and handmade bath accessories.