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Simple Ingredients. Luxurious Experience. Handmade with Love.

Our products were created out of a personal need for simple quality skincare. It is our goal to share quality products with simple ingredients while providing you with a luxurious experience. 

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Customer Reviews:

"The fragrances are amazing. The soaps are so rich and creamy. They’re not drying. They feel super luxe. I love them! Can’t wait to order more." 


"Loved my Cherry blossom scented soap!! perfect soap! will purchase again!!"


"My feet were dry from wearing flip flops and sandals. They would drive me crazy at night even keeping me awake. I've tried so many lotions with no success. I bought the Lavendar Body Butter to give it a try. I could tell after the first application a difference and by day 7 my feet are not dry at all!! I'm excited to try other products in her line!"


"Her stuff is amazing and smells wonderful too. ❤️❤️❤️"


"Amazing products! I love lotion and their lotion is the best plus they have the most amazing scents!"


"Absolutely the best BODY BUTTER I've ever used. Our family strongly supports this local business."

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