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How to Care for Over Washed Hands

Oh my hands! With all the cleaning and hand washing I’ve been skin has taken a hit so I decided to do something about it. I exfoliated and moisturized and it made ALL the difference!

Here’s the steps I took:
Step 1: Take a small amount of a gentle exfoliant and place it in your hand (sugar or salt scrubs are nice). There are lots of great scrubs out there! 

Step 2: Wash your hands with your scrub. Pay special attention to any extra dry spots. If your scrub is emulsified, meaning it has a soap in it already, you don’t need to add soap. If you are using a simple scrub with no soap added, wash with your favorite hand soap.

Step 3: Pat your hands dry with a clean towel and MOISTURIZE. Use a THICK moisturizer and rub it in until it is absorbed. If you need to moisturize again, do so. I used our body butter for this step because it’s super moisturizing and nourishes the skin deep down. 

Please note if you have allergies, skin conditions or open wounds -consult a physician prior to exfoliating. Depending on your skin, exfoliating is NOT recommended at each wash or even daily. We exfoliate once or twice a week. Moisturizing can be done after each hand washing.

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