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Why Handmade Skincare?

Three years ago, my husband and I started making and selling handmade soap. We did not do it because we expected it to be a cash cow. As a stay-at-home mom, the goal was indeed to help contribute a bit to our household but our heart wasn’t in it for the money. We did it because handmade skincare was something I wholeheartedly believed in. But this wasn’t always the case.

I was born in the inner city. Making stuff (like soap) from scratch wasn’t really heard of in my circles. Actually, it wasn’t until I was a working adult that I learned people actually lived that way! Like may city folk, my entire life depended on grocery stores and products made by big box companies.

Other than dry skin, I did not have any skin conditions that forced me to seek out alternative methods of relief. Then I met my husband. My husband suffered with eczema,  a condition he actually developed in adulthood. When I met him he was actively searching for products that would moisturize his skin minus the long list of ingredients. He, in his brilliant mind, started to make his own skincare. I, in awe, was hooked. Thus began my Mompreneur Story.

Here is a list of reasons why I’ve found that handmade skincare is probably the absolute best thing you can do for your skin!

  1. It’s made with love – And the sweat of our brow. While it can be A LOT of work, the time, care and energy that comes from making a wonderful product from scratch is hands down the very first reason I love handmade ANYTHING. Someone literally took all of their attention and put it into every detail of that product. That to me is love!
  2. Most of the ingredients are 100% natural or derived from a natural source – Whether or not it is marketed that way, most of the skincare ingredients that are used in handmade products are natural. Personally, we use lots of plant based oils and butters that have been proven to provide benefits to skin such as olive and coconut oil, shea and cocoa butter.
  3. It’s usually a better quality product – Like myself, many of the soapers and handmade body companies that I come across ingredients are researched, hand picked, used on a trial run to ensure quality before a final product is sold.
  4. You support a small business – Most of the soap companies that I come across are stay at home parents, young professionals or retired seniors that are building for the future, running a business full time or supplementing income. Yes, it’s a hobby. But more than that, when you buy handmade, you are most likely helping someone put food on the table, put their kid through school, pursue their dream or make their kids dream come true. I think that’s worth the investment!
  5. Your skin benefits – The is last but not at all least. I don’t ever claim that someone will be healed from skin conditions by using handmade products. I am not a doctor. I do not give medical advice. HOWEVER, you must agree with me that the ingredients used in handmade soap is HANDS DOWN better for you. I have heard testimony after testimony of conditions being soothed after using a natural handmade skin care product. Most of the toxins from have been intentionally filtered out and replaced with natural food based ingredients. I have no concerns with bathing my infant or preschoolers in our products. Why? Because I know EXACTLY what’s in it.

P.S. Did you know that most of the soap sold in commercial stores by definition is not considered soap? Most are considered detergents. This is why you see terms such as beauty bar, facial bar, body cleaning bar or moisture bar on the label instead of soap.



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