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About Us

A few years ago I married my wonderful, crafty husband who at the time struggled with skin issues. We tried several products marketed for sensitive skin but these products proved expensive and only provided short lived relief. Reluctantly, he turned to prescription medication to give him relief during the winter months.

Shortly thereafter, my daughter was born. She too had inherited skin issues. After some research, my husband decided to give handmade products a shot for both his skin and hers. With in a few months there was a noticeable difference in the look and feel of their skin along with some relief! The entire family switched to making and using handmade products.

Today, while I personally do not have sensitive skin, I struggle with dry skin. In the case that I have to use processed skin products my skin tells me about it with cracks and itchiness!

Over the years, I realized that these products don't have to just be bare basics but can collide with wonderful scents to make a luxury bar of soap. These products truly have blessed my family and I thought it was time to share!


Oneness Essentials
P.O. Box 263
Belleview, FL 34421